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alyssa ayala



Hi! I'm Alyssa, the owner of Pacific Engagements as well its sole wedding planner & designer. I was born & raised in the small town of Fair Oaks, California, just outside of Sacramento. Back then, I had dreams of pursuing dentistry & thought I had everything figured out from the simple age of 5.

Well, things changed (just a little). I ended up moving north to Seattle, the city where my love for weddings first originated. I used to work the receptionist desk at a local bridal boutique, & my days were spent watching bride after bride walk through the front door with 100-watt smiles beaming on their faces. All were absolutely thrilled they were about to enter the next chapter in their lives with their favorite person in the world. I wanted to experience what happened next in their lives with them. I wanted to meet the men who made them so happy and ensure that their wedding days were as perfect and seamless as could be.

Thus began my journey into the wonderful world of wedding planning. I was fortunate enough to be hired on by one of Seattle's well-established wedding planners & instantly became obsessed with the industry. I fell in love with being able to help brides & grooms unite their families. Pressing fast-forward...Pacific Engagements was founded & I haven’t looked back since!

When I'm not working weddings, you’ll rarely see me without my hair up in a messy bun (I never actually can pinpoint the moment it goes up...), & I'll almost always be conjuring up wedding designs late into the night from the comfort of my bed, although I have a perfectly good desk downstairs in the office!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about me, as I most certainly cannot wait to learn all about YOU! But seriously. Get your stories of how you met & fell in love polished, because I am going to be asking you ALL about it. No pressure:)