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Take your personal efforts to the next level with these services. The partial planning collection is for the couple who has completed some of the planning steps themselves, but needs help tying up loose strings in the remaining vendor categories. Having a professional eye to look over details, assist in securing vendors, & run the show will put you both at ease so you can sit back, relax, & enjoy!

After confirming our availability on your wedding date, you and your fiance will attend a one-on-one consultation with our lead planner, Alyssa. Our company highly encourages this meeting, as it is vital for us to learn who you both are on more than just a business level so that we can best serve you. During this consultation, Alyssa will learn in-depth about where you stand in the wedding planning process, and what other services and help you are looking for in terms of moving forward. Those essential details, paired with the list of your already-hired vendors that you will provide, will give her a firm understanding of how to help you fill in the blanks.

Ready to schedule your complimentary consultation?  Please let us know by contacting us and we can set one up for you!