alicia & carson

“Having you was probably the best money we spent on our wedding day, and was worth every penny and more. You took the stress out of the day and have such a deep understanding/experience of how weddings function, that you were able to ask questions and provide answers that we wouldn’t have even thought of – but would have absolutely come across on the wedding day. You prevented anything falling between the cracks, and made our wedding day completely seamless … Having you made us realize how much we truly needed you on our wedding day (and leading up), and I would HIGHLY encourage any bride or groom to book with Pacific Engagements. You will not regret that decision.

I also loved that you never forced any of your opinions or suggestions on us. You guided us so that our wedding day was what WE wanted, but also provided insight to certain specifics that you knew would make our lives easier. We never felt like you overpowered our vision, which I could see happening with certain planners because they have experience in planning weddings. But you were always asking us how we felt about everything, and made sure we were comfortable and happy with all decisions that were made. We truly appreciated this.

Thank YOU so much for making our wedding day an absolute dream!! It was honestly the most perfect day, and we really appreciate everything that you did to make it as amazing as it was! You were an absolute dream of a coordinator and we’re going to miss working with you!”

ALICIA & CARSON MASSEY, pacific engagements couple

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allison & chace

“Working with Alyssa at Pacific Engagements was absolutely amazing. As we started thinking about our big day, the thoughts of all the details we'd have to finalize started to weigh heavily on us. She not only helped us navigate all of the big and little details, but helped make sure the parties to the wedding (our parents) didn't have to be overwhelmed with decision-making or any work/preparations they didn't want to do.

My wife and I have different outlooks on event planning (I think macro level and she digs into the details) which can either complement each other or create challenges. Alyssa was able to communicate, work flawlessly without missing anything, and with great ease and grace even when presented with these two different personalities.

If we could go back in time and make the decision again, the only thing we would do differently is book her earlier (we had an 18 month engagement and hired her with 9 months to go). Her confidence, grace, attention to detail, experience, and leadership serves her very well and I don't know how we would have done it without her!”

ALLISON & CHACE BREWER-FRASER, pacific engagements couple

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sam & aaron

“Thank you so much for everything you have done through out this crazy process. There were multiple times this year that Aaron and I would turn to each other and say, ‘I don't know what I would have done without her.’ You helped make our day so memorable, smooth, and a day we will always hold close to our hearts. It was such a great experience working with you. Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work.”

SAMANTHA & AARON SYCKS, pacific engagements couple

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"Alyssa is a dream to work with - so sweet and ready to answer questions and calm lingering nerves. On the day of the wedding, the second Alyssa arrived I felt myself relax. We could really sit back and enjoy the day and knew that nothing could go wrong. And it didn’t.

All throughout the wedding I heard from guests how much they loved Alyssa. She is sweet and personable, but also straight forward, keeps things moving and makes sure people know what to do - all with a smile and a sweet way about her. She helped us out immensely in the planning process- WE knew how incredible she was, but the fact that our guests and our families loved her and felt taken care of, made the day even better.

If you’re looking for a planner or a day-of-coordinator like us, you can’t go wrong with Pacific Engagements. Alyssa will make you and your guests feel like royalty!"

PAIGE & MAX VARRIALE, pacific engagements couple

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"It should be noted that Pacific Engagements was so much more than a day-of coordinator. We were absolutely blessed to work with Alyssa, she gave us peace-of-mind and kept us on schedule while still reminding us to cherish and enjoy the process. Alyssa also worked with all of our other vendors to narrow down a realistic timeline and found every small and big detail we missed in the planning process.

We had a few hiccups during the reception and Alyssa was quick to dissolve all conflict and was so in-tune with how I was feeling. She was great to help with unexpected issues and was so sweet to check on me and give me peace-of-mind.

My husband and I have heard from so many guests how impressed they were with her and her team. Even my maid-of-honor asked for her contact!! I could go on and on, but if you are considering hiring a day-of coordinator, contact Pacific Engagements!!"

CORRIN & MIKE WOOD, pacific engagements couple

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“We saw, firsthand, the professional yet open and friendly working style of Pacific Engagements during our friends’ wedding day. Logistics were extremely well-organized and we could tell our friends felt comfortable leaving the finishing touches and the coordination of the day in the hands of Pacific Engagements. Knowing that Alyssa was able to work with a couple who lived across the country gave us the confidence that we would be able to accomplish our own wedding goals working with her while living in Oregon.”

ALLISON BREWER, pacific engagements bride

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"I recently photographed a wedding that Alyssa had planned and couldn't have been more impressed with her dedication, organizational skills, enthusiasm for the couple, and communication. She went above and beyond for the bride and groom, finishing timelines well in advance, checking in with other vendors, factoring in small details, and making the venue look absolutely stunning. I couldn't have asked for a better planner - or a better personality - for that day!"

VERA PASHKEVICH, wedding photographer

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"Alyssa is simply amazing. She not only takes care of her clients but also her vendors. Her energy is contagious and uplifting. She brings such enthusiasm and joy to her work that it makes working with her such a pleasant experience. She’s open to trying new things and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to make her clients happy. As a photographer it’s important that the planner take the interests of the photographer into account when planning their client’s nuptials. Alyssa always made sure I had enough time and was so kind to make sure that my photography needs were met. She is always on top of everything from the timeline to the smallest of details. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a professional wedding planner."

AUDREY NORMAN, wedding photographer

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"I recently worked on a wedding with Alyssa at AXIS Pioneer Square and she was great! On top of being uber professional, Alyssa is super sweet and knows how to take the lead when planning. I felt confident knowing that she was taking charge on the day of, handling everyone's questions and concerns with ease."

MELISSA JUERGENS, event venue manager

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"I had the pleasure of second-shooting a wedding where Alyssa was running the show. Not only was she extremely detail-oriented, she put on a stunning, smooth-running wedding and reception that was perfectly on time, she ensured that vendors like myself ate at the appropriate time, and she went above and beyond in her duties, making sure to be helpful in whatever way she could be, even if it didn't technically fall under her job description. This woman, her mind and fierce work ethic were made for this industry. Don't be dumb. Hire her."

ALEJANDRA AGUIRRE, wedding photographer

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"Alyssa is incredible at what she does! She has an amazing eye for detail, and goes above and beyond to make sure everything flows smoothly and stress-free. She is fun-loving, easy going and beyond wonderful to work with. Cannot recommend her enough!"

SARAH HARRIS, wedding photographer

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"Alyssa is wonderful to work with! She is super organized, responsive and has a beautiful design aesthetic! If you’re looking for a great planner/designer/coordinator for your Big Day, She is your gal!"

BRITTANY SCHOOLEY, owner of fanciful rentals

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"Alyssa is A+. Highly recommend her services and as another vendor (DJ), she made the wedding go smooth. Hope to work with her again in the future!"

DARIN HANSON, wedding dj

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"Alyssa is so wonderful to collaborate with. She brings amazing ideas, wonderful sketches, and attention to the little details as well. Every time I've worked with her she has had a smile and a big welcome for me. She is very active in the local Rising Tide ( a community of local wedding vendors and creatives). We are very lucky to have her, she does a great job planning and getting members active in events. She is so very thoughtful and inclusive."

GINA THRESHER, wedding florist

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"The only big event I had ever planned was my wedding, 2.5 years ago. I wish I had Alyssa back then, but am so thankful that she recently helped coordinate my Just Me gallery show. I was worried that the perfect location didn't exist (spoiler alert: it did, and Alyssa found it for me) and that the event would be stressful since I was set to be the point person. Alyssa went above and beyond leading up to the show; she called me frequently with questions I hadn't even thought about, coordinated my volunteers, and set herself as the point person so I didn't have to answer ALL questions, only questions ONLY I could answer. Alyssa wants every detail planned to make things run smoothly, and the event was so successful. My mom told me she was surprised that I seemed so calm during this huge event, but it was because I had a team behind me who I put all my trust in."

AMY PAINE, portrait photographer

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