"The only big event I had ever planned was my wedding, 2.5 years ago. I wish I had Alyssa back then, but am so thankful that she recently helped coordinate my Just Me gallery show. I was worried that the perfect location didn't exist (spoiler alert: it did, and Alyssa found it for me) and that the event would be stressful since I was set to be the point person. Alyssa went above and beyond leading up to the show; she called me frequently with questions I hadn't even thought about, coordinated my volunteers, and set herself as the point person so I didn't have to answer ALL questions, only questions ONLY I could answer. Alyssa wants every detail planned to make things run smoothly, and the event was so successful. My mom told me she was surprised that I seemed so calm during this huge event, but it was because I had a team behind me who I put all my trust in."

AMY PAINE, portrait photographer