alicia & carson

“Having you was probably the best money we spent on our wedding day, and was worth every penny and more. You took the stress out of the day and have such a deep understanding/experience of how weddings function, that you were able to ask questions and provide answers that we wouldn’t have even thought of – but would have absolutely come across on the wedding day. You prevented anything falling between the cracks, and made our wedding day completely seamless … Having you made us realize how much we truly needed you on our wedding day (and leading up), and I would HIGHLY encourage any bride or groom to book with Pacific Engagements. You will not regret that decision.

I also loved that you never forced any of your opinions or suggestions on us. You guided us so that our wedding day was what WE wanted, but also provided insight to certain specifics that you knew would make our lives easier. We never felt like you overpowered our vision, which I could see happening with certain planners because they have experience in planning weddings. But you were always asking us how we felt about everything, and made sure we were comfortable and happy with all decisions that were made. We truly appreciated this.

Thank YOU so much for making our wedding day an absolute dream!! It was honestly the most perfect day, and we really appreciate everything that you did to make it as amazing as it was! You were an absolute dream of a coordinator and we’re going to miss working with you!”

ALICIA & CARSON MASSEY, pacific engagements couple