allison & chace

“Working with Alyssa at Pacific Engagements was absolutely amazing. As we started thinking about our big day, the thoughts of all the details we'd have to finalize started to weigh heavily on us. She not only helped us navigate all of the big and little details, but helped make sure the parties to the wedding (our parents) didn't have to be overwhelmed with decision-making or any work/preparations they didn't want to do.

My wife and I have different outlooks on event planning (I think macro level and she digs into the details) which can either complement each other or create challenges. Alyssa was able to communicate, work flawlessly without missing anything, and with great ease and grace even when presented with these two different personalities.

If we could go back in time and make the decision again, the only thing we would do differently is book her earlier (we had an 18 month engagement and hired her with 9 months to go). Her confidence, grace, attention to detail, experience, and leadership serves her very well and I don't know how we would have done it without her!”

ALLISON & CHACE BREWER-FRASER, pacific engagements couple