Our Favorite Seattle Wedding Venues


Brides and grooms have an endless selection of wedding venues around the Seattle area. Besides the classic ballrooms, there are industrial wedding venues with exposed brick walls in the heart of Downtown Seattle, rooftop terraces and green lawns overlooking the water, and tucked away gardens.

While Seattle itself has stolen our hearts long ago, some of its wedding venues have managed to make us fall in love with everything it offers in a completely different way - and you’ll soon see why. See below for our Top 10 Seattle wedding venues, where we would literally spend every waking moment if we could!

Photo Credit:  Bryce Covey Photography

No. 1

Venue: Bella Luna Farms

Why we love it: Whether you’re seeking a greenhouse dinner reception space or a tented wedding celebration on grassy lawns of a farm, this venue allows for both.

Scenic ponds, wooden picnic benches in landscaped gardens, and perfectly-placed rustic elements are sprinkled throughout the grounds of this 12-acre property. And if you’re a lover of a true farm-to-table experience, Bella Luna Farms is perfect for you because not only do they have their own vegetable and herb gardens, but also the most adorable goats and chickens on-site, as well.

Photo Credit:  O’Malley Photographers

No. 2

Venue: Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Why we love it: A rooftop terrace, tons of natural light, dreamy chandeliers, and right in the middle of Downtown Ballard - what more could you ask for?

Perfect for city-lovers who want a small, urban wedding with class, the Olympic Rooftop Pavilion provides the ideal setting for an intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Guests will absolutely be in love with the wrap-around balcony just outside of the movable all-glass walls (um, yes please), as well as the unique and fun outdoor fireplace.

Photo Credit:  The Ganeys

Photo Credit: The Ganeys

No. 3

Venue: The Corson Building

Why we love it: We refer to this venue as the “hidden gem” just south of Seattle. Ideal for smaller-sized weddings, this adorable little venue is perfect for brides and grooms looking to create an at-home-outdoor-dinner-party vibe for their guests.

Surrounded by gardens and lush greenery, The Corson Building makes you feel like you’re distant from everything else in the world. Plus, the herbs and produce growing in the garden are fresh-picked and utilized in the decadent cuisine being served by the venue’s private caterer - talk about this place not being able to become any more amazing than it already is!

Photo Credit:  Audrey Norman

Photo Credit: Audrey Norman

No. 4

Venue: The Hall at Fauntleroy

Why we love it: The search for the perfect outdoor wedding space in the middle of the city is over. With this former school-turned-event-venue, the courtyard of The Hall at Fauntleroy has our hearts melting. Not only is there a lush garden perfect for a wedding ceremony, but then there’s also this adorable area (see pictured) that makes for the cutest cocktail hour/dinner reception.

Add some strung up cafe lights and - voila - you have a European villa setting for your wedding. All of your guests will literally forget they’re minutes from Downtown Seattle.

Photo Credit:  In Frames Photography

Photo Credit: In Frames Photography

No. 5

Venue: SODO Park

Why we love it: For all those rustic boho lovers out there, this venue is literally calling to you. If you’re not a fan of ballroom weddings, but have a large guest count and are looking to accommodate everyone comfortably, look into SODO Park, located right in the SODO neighborhood. The location is perfect for out-of-town guests to get back to their hotels conveniently, is right nearby a multitude of bars and restaurants, and aesthetically, is the perfect setting for the open, tall-ceilinged, slightly bold but romantically traditional rustic wedding space you’ve always dreamed of.

Photo Credit:  Jenna Bechtholdt

Photo Credit: Jenna Bechtholdt

No. 6

Venue: The Woodmark

Why we love it: The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland, WA is located immediately on the water, convenient for lakeside wedding views. If you’ve always dreamed of getting married on the water, but don’t want to venture too far to find that dream location, this is your venue.

The large draped tent stays out on the terrace from April through December, giving you the option to entertain your wedding guests during the rain or shine. And if it’s nice out, the venue will even take you and your fiance out on a complimentary romantic sunset boat ride on Lake Washington (who wouldn’t want that?).

Photo Credit:  Jenna Bechtholdt

Photo Credit: Jenna Bechtholdt

NO. 7

Venue: The Admiral’s House

Why we love it: Being a huge fan of the classics, the New England style architecture of The Admiral’s House has us ultimately in love with it as a venue. Brides and grooms who want a traditional wedding venue that still allows for the perfect setting for an al fresco ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception should look no further.

And if that didn’t grab your attention, the backyard lawn opens up right over Elliott Bay, allowing for unobstructed views of the Seattle skyline and, if you’re lucky, Mt. Rainier.

Photo Credit:  Jenn Tai Photography

Photo Credit: Jenn Tai Photography

No. 8

Venue: Columbia Winery

Why we love it: For all those ultimate wine-lovers out there…Columbia Winery is the perfect setting for both large and small weddings. The ballroom interior was remodeled in 2017 as a clean, contemporary space with movable room dividers that are great for sectioning off the large space to accommodate smaller guest counts.

Plus, there is a gorgeous hedge-enclosed patio that makes for dreamy garden ceremonies or cocktail hours. And if you’re not sold yet…check out the Barrel Room downstairs that makes you feel like you’re in a massive wine cellar with the perfect mood lighting.

Photo Credit:  O’Malley Photographers

No. 9

Venue: Court in the Square

Why we love it: If you’re looking for an intimate setting for a seemingly outdoor wedding - without the Seattle rain ruining the mood - consider The Court in the Square for your wedding reception.

Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, this naturally-lit venue is wedged between two gorgeous brick buildings, creating a picturesque European-alley atmosphere that we absolutely adore.

Photo Credit:  Thompson Hotels

Photo Credit: Thompson Hotels

No. 10

Venue: The Nest at Thompson Hotel

Why we love it: The rooftop terrace at The Nest makes for amazing city views of the Seattle waterfront while giving you and your guests the privacy you are looking for. Plus, the permanent large planters create a “garden” feel that adds a touch of romance and makes it so you don’t even need too much additional decor - that’s a win in our book!


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