Hi everyone!! I am SUPER excited to announce that this is my first try at blogging!! (**throws confetti**)

For four months now, I have been debating back and forth whether or not I should start a blog for Pacific Engagements...and this morning I decided that today is the day! Honestly, I am extremely terrified at the thought because blogging is going to require so much insight into my personal life...but it will be well worth it because there are soon to be so many great stories that I will be dying to share with you all!!

For example... 

Towards the end of January, I was asked to participate in a pop-up bridal registry event. During the event, us vendors were going around to all of the different vendor tables (because we are the most curious people you will ever meet, and we love anything aesthetically appealing...especially in POTTERY BARN!!!) and I came across the cutest, tropical-themed save-the-date ever! I mentioned to the card designer, Kimberly Witchey of Phenix Paper Co., that I absolutely adored her paper goods...especially that specific one! She told me she was so flattered to hear that because that was the very first save-the-date she had ever made, and it was for a real wedding happening down in Playa del Carmen, Mexico this coming June!!!




Fast forward a week and a half...Kimberly and I had already started designing a styled shoot inspired by that one beautiful little piece of paper. Since the save-the-dates already had tropical accents, I really wanted to find a beach wedding venue to fully capture my vision...and after a TON of research (yes, sometimes us planners have to do research for our jobs), I came across the venue I had been looking for but did not know existed...the gorgeous Edgewater House in Olalla, Washington.




Once I saw the venue, the theme for the shoot just came to me...beachy-boho!!

From there, all other details began falling into place. Plus, may I add that Bellevue Pottery Barn (the amazing store that brought Phenix Paper Co. and I together in the first place) was super generous and allowed us to decorate our beautiful reception table, beverage bar, AND fancy peacock chair with their home goods??? When they offered that, it was like a dream come true. I mean, have you ever walked into a Pottery Barn and NOT wanted to take everything home with you??




And that adorable little driftwood escort card you just had your eye on?? Scavenged for and hand-lettered by the amazing Phenix Paper Co.! I had the idea to label the place settings with something more organic, and the venue's signature driftwood ceremony arch made driftwood escort cards just seem too perfect of an idea to pass up!!! Kimberly totally hopped fences (figuratively AND literally) to make them possible - and they turned out so beautiful!!




This shoot was SO much fun to design just knowing that the same stationery suite that inspired it was going to be used in just a few short months for the actual wedding of lovebirds, Tim and Michelle! But in the meantime, enjoy all of the lovely photos of this dream beach wedding that I wish we were all lucky enough to go to Mexico for!!!



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