20 Fine Art Wedding Dresses for Stylish Brides


We’ve always been drawn to the effortless beauty of fine art weddings. By giving extreme attention to each minute detail, we are asking guests and wedding gallery viewers to discover those fine decor elements with us. Never is there a dull moment or surface area that has not been brought into deep consideration in the back end of our decor-oriented minds.

Over at Pacific Engagements, we love when brides want to tie in their entire wedding aesthetic with their gown-of-choice. Below, you will find twenty of the most recent embellished dresses that caught our eye, and that we believe are ultimate perfection for the fine art bride.

Photo Credit:  Angela Newton Roy

Photo Credit: Angela Newton Roy

No. 1

Designer: Gossamer

Why we love it: Unlike other embellished wedding gowns, this vintage gown from Gossamer uses soft tufts of cloth to create a textured, almost life-like cherry blossom detail to the sheer overlay. The effect makes the gown appear light, dainty, and perfect for a springtime wedding.

Photo Credit:  Katina Patriquin

Photo Credit: Katina Patriquin

No. 2

Designer: Gossamer

Why we love it: With the silhouette being so simplistic and minimal, the silver sequins decorating the entirety add the slightest bit of color, weight, and definition to this vintage wedding gown.

Photo Credit:  Julie Michaelsen

Photo Credit: Julie Michaelsen

no. 3

Designer: Inbal Dror

Why we love it: Brides wanting to wear something bold and sexy on their wedding day while still appearing classic, elegant, and romantic will fall in love with this Inbal Dror gown. Not only does it sport a daring high-slit on the left leg, but an overly sheer bodice as well - complete with the perfect amount of sparkle.

Photo Credit:  Katie Grant

Photo Credit: Katie Grant

no. 4

Designer: Houghton NYC

Why we love it: This crisp white gown showcases a bateau neckline in the front, while boldly opening up the back for a modern take on the modest wedding dress. The long, flowing sleeves add simplicity, romance, and style to the otherwise reserved gown.

Photo Credit:  Berta

Photo Credit: Berta

no. 5

Designer: Berta

We we love it: The thin, long spaghetti straps revealing the open back of this A-line gown contrast with the overflowing, embellished train. This Berta gown oozes romance with details such as the sheer overlay and dainty bow cinching in the bodice.

Photo Credit:  Samuelle Couture

Photo Credit: Samuelle Couture

no. 6

Designer: Samuelle Couture

Why we love it: Rarely do we see a gown where ruffled sheer material can be bundled up to create a sweetheart neckline and not distract from the rest of the design. Samuelle Couture did a beautiful job with not only adding in texture perfectly, but adding in subtle hints of color with taupe, blue, and gray all inter-mixing into one gorgeous gown that beautifully plays off the light.

Photo Credit:  Taylor and Porter

Photo Credit: Taylor and Porter

No. 7

Designer: Samuelle Couture

Why we love it: The high neckline of this intricate lace bodice reminds us that romance is still very much alive. Not only is this florally-embellished topper perfect for outdoor garden wedding receptions, but also plays beautifully into historic indoor venues and settings rich with character - in better words, this piece is utterly timeless.

Photo Credit:  M.K. Sadler

Photo Credit: M.K. Sadler

no. 8

Designer: Rue de Seine

Why we love it: The enlarged, thick beading and stones used to embellish the scalloped sleeves and open back of this Rue de Seine gown are a refreshing contrast to the more-typical lace overlays. The heavy beading adds weight and an Old World beauty to this simple design.

Photo Credit:  Taylor and Porter

Photo Credit: Taylor and Porter

No. 9

Designer: Mira Zwillinger

Why we love it: We didn’t realize what a difference the addition of beaded “branches and stems” would make until we saw it on the sheer bodice of this romantic cap-sleeved gown. Rather than just petals, the twig-like branches add a delicate feel that we are absolutely in love with.

Photo Credit:  Taylor and Porter

Photo Credit: Taylor and Porter

No. 10

Designer: Gossamer

Why we love it: Not only are the flowy, open sleeves on this vintage gown making us completely smitten, but the blue beading decorating the entirety of the sheer overlay adds the perfect amount of detail and sparkle to this stylish bride’s wedding day look.

Photo Credit:  Apryl Ann Photography

Photo Credit: Apryl Ann Photography

NO. 11

Designer: Watters

Why we love it: The asymmetrical cut of the flowing bell sleeves parallels the lines formed from the V-cut on the neckline. It’s just enough detail to give this Old World gown some unexpected “flare.”

Photo Credit:  Audrey Norman

Photo Credit: Audrey Norman

No. 12

Designer: Pronovias

Why we love it: The minimal lace embellishments on this illusion bodice allow the long line of buttons going down the backside to stand out and speak for themselves. This Pronovias design did a phenomenal job with putting just enough detail in all the right places.

Photo Credit:  Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

No. 13

Designer: Olivia Couture

Why we love it: The subdued open back is contrasted with stark, asymmetrical folds of fabric that create layers and a high-fashion finish to the skirt of this couture wedding gown.

Photo Credit:  Taylor and Porter

Photo Credit: Taylor and Porter

NO. 14

Designer: Biyan

Why we love it: The modest, high neckline on this sheer bodice is perfectly completed with a silk bow. Not only does the bow add a soft feminine touch to the gown, but also gives off vibes of royalty and composure.

Photo Credit:  McKenzie Smith

Photo Credit: McKenzie Smith

No. 15

Designer: Alexandra Grecco

Why we love it: Alexandra Grecco perfectly combined the currently trending off-the-shoulder wedding dress look with the always-popular strapless silhouette. This gown is perfect for brides looking to show a little skin while wanting to showcase a different take on simple wedding dresses.

Photo Credit:  KT Merry

Photo Credit: KT Merry

No. 16

Designer: Ann Wiberg

Why we love it: This gown is perfect for a tropical beach setting. Not only is it flowy, soft, and romantic, but has layers of sheer green chiffon over a light blue base - a perfect combination to compliment the warm surroundings.

Photo Credit:  Perry Vaile

Photo Credit: Perry Vaile

No. 17

Designer: Carol Hannah

Why we love it: The deep V-cut neckline on this strapless gown makes this silhouette absolutely breathtaking, giving way just in time for the endless layers of overlapping pieces of fabric that create the perfectly flowing, full skirt.

Photo Credit:  Jose Villa

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

No. 18

Designer: Naeem Khan

Why we love it: The high illusion neckline allows the wearer to appear modest in dress while not having to sacrifice showing a little skin. In addition, this simple sheath silhouette is given definition with a thick fabric belt around the waistline to offset the full-lace detailing.

Photo Credit:  Rara Avis

Photo Credit: Rara Avis

No. 19

Designer: Rara Avis

Why we love it: The layers of sheer fabric never end with this vintage-inspired design. We’re in love with how the flow of fabric trailing down from the bodice doesn’t stop at the midline, but is instead cinched with the belt and then fully released into the skirt. The floral embellishments on the flowing three-quarter sleeves then add the perfect touch of minimal detail to finish off this romantic look.

Photo Credit:  Tyler Rye

Photo Credit: Tyler Rye

No. 20

Designer: Cathy Telle

Why we love it: This long-sleeved A-line wedding dress is given beautiful definition on the backside, with its lace-edged, deep open-back. The subtle detailing there speaks for the rest of the gown, which is simple in appearance with its form-fitting long sleeves and soft flowing train.


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