10 Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas


We love brides and grooms that care about the environment and who genuinely care about living sustainably. What we love even MORE are couples who express interest in going green for their wedding day. So much waste comes out of large-scale events, and at Pacific Engagements, we are more than willing to help couples brainstorm ways to make a wedding eco-friendly. We have compiled ten ideas to make your wedding sustainable with the hopes that you’ll do your part for the earth while wedding planning.

Lush Greenery Wedding Ceremony Arch

No. 1

Eco-friendly idea: Marry during daylight hours

Why we love it: Save energy by getting married during the daytime. Not only will there be natural light present for amazing wedding photos, but you’ll be able to enjoy your dinner reception while using less electricity. Dine al fresco in a beautiful setting such as a beach, park, botanical garden, or farm where there are a multitude of incredible spots to say, “I do.” Plus, with your surroundings speaking for themselves, you’ll save money on decorations.

wildflower bridal bouquet

No. 2

Eco-friendly idea: Grow your wedding bouquet

Why we love it: Love to DIY and make arrangements from the flowers in your home garden? Remember that you don’t have to just use full blooms in your bouquet, but you can use greenery, flowers, and herbs in all stages of growth to create a bridal bouquet of your own.

tray passed appetizers wedding

No. 3

Eco-friendly idea: Use farm-to-table caterers

Why we love it: Talk to your wedding caterer about creating a dinner menu using local ingredients. If you want to go the extra mile, try to conjure up tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and menu selections that can be eaten without utensils or vessels. Food items that can be eaten in a single bite or with an edible vessel mean your guests won’t have to worry about throwing away waste, and in the end, there will be less waste overall!

handmade paper wedding invitations

No. 4

Eco-friendly idea: Send sustainable invitations

Why we love it: Create sustainable wedding invitations using recycled or plantable paper (yes, there is such a thing as seeded paper that your guests can plant in their garden afterwards). If you want to make your invitation suite more romantic with ribbon ties, consider using fabric scraps from your hemmed wedding dress to tie it all together.

leaf confetti wedding

No. 5

Eco-friendly idea: Utilize earthly elements

Why we love it: Rather than using paper for all of your wedding stationery needs, opt for using natural elements instead. Source for rocks, sea shells, crystals, and wood to serve as your table numbers, escort cards, table decoration, throwing confetti, and dinner menus. Spend the months leading up to your wedding collecting natural items. Not only are these items easy to source, they end up being the cheaper option that can appear more unique and romantic in the end.

pretty wedding reception lounge setups

No. 6

Eco-friendly idea: Something borrowed

Why we love it: Going back to American wedding traditions, consider finding “something borrowed” to decorate your wedding with. Look around your home for decor items that can be utilized in a wedding setting, such as vases, candlesticks, votives, serving trays, and even furniture pieces. Many of these home items can make for incredible design displays.

Also keep in mind that friends may still have wedding decor items from their own wedding days that they may be keeping in storage. Ask first before buying. It will save you time researching, money, and the environment!

ali fedotowsky wedding

NO. 7

Eco-friendly idea: Wear versatile attire

Why we love it: When selecting outfits to wear for your engagement, bridal shower, and rehearsal parties, choose versatile clothing that you can wear more than once. Opt for chic, but classy statement pieces that are perfect for all of your wedding celebrations, as well as other events to come.

living centerpieces wedding

No. 8

Eco-friendly idea: Living centerpieces that can be planted post-wedding

Why we love it: Decorate your wedding with potted flowers and plants. They not only make beautiful centerpieces and decor, but you and your wedding guests can take them home and plant them afterwards.

rolled towel storage

No. 9

Eco-friendly idea: Provide hand towels

Why we love it: Provide plush hand towels for your wedding guests in the bathrooms as an alternative for paper towels. Not only does it drastically reduce paper waste, but will make your wedding feel more high-class at the same time.

cute wedding transportation for guests

No. 10

Eco-friendly idea: Offer guest transportation

Why we love it: Arrange for a mode of transportation for guests to arrive and depart from your wedding celebration. Not only is it a safer for guests to get from destination to destination (especially if they’ve indulged in a few cocktails), but it also decreases the amount of vehicles being used on your wedding day.


Have more eco-friendly wedding ideas that we didn’t mention? We would love to hear your suggestions below!