Must-Try Wedding Greenery Decor Ideas


Decorating weddings with flowers is not for everyone. Not all brides and grooms desire vibrant color palettes for weddings and instead are looking for alternative, more subtle floral decor. Using solely greenery as wedding decor has been a beautiful game-changer for how to make your wedding look put-together, but not over-the-top. Greenery is a great way to have an organic wedding aesthetic while giving off elegant vibes, simultaneously.

Whether you love the look of greenery garlands on long reception tables, or wild and lush arrangements displayed throughout your venue, you can’t go wrong with this trending wedding decor.

greenery wedding centerpieces

No. 1

Idea: Wedding centerpieces

Why we love it: If you’re a fan of the natural, organic look, think of greenery centerpieces instead of the typically sought after floral arrangements. It’s a great way to be subtle while still managing fill in the empty spaces of the table.

greenery floral arrangements wedding

No. 2

Idea: Large accent arrangements

Why we love it: Loving your venue but want to add a little more somethin’ - somethin’ to it? Display large arrangements in decorative vases to add height, depth, softness, and elegance to your wedding venue. It’s a great way to add to the guestbook table, pedestals at the bottom of a staircase, even the entrance to the wedding aisle.

greenery wedding ceremony backdrop

no. 3

Idea: Ceremony arch decor

Why we love it: Decorate the foundation of your ceremony space with weaving vines and flowers to completely transform the aesthetic of your wedding ceremony’s focal point. Especially when paired with a very “green” setting such as a landscaped garden or mountainous terrain, the greenery interweaved can perfectly compliment your outdoor wedding location.

wedding welcome sign decor

no. 4

Idea: Wedding sign garnish

Why we love it: Soften the edges of directional signage that you have scattered throughout your wedding venue with greenery garlands. The lush texture and color can make a hand-lettered mirror or wood sign look that much more high-end and elegant.

wedding getaway car decorations

no. 5

Idea: Getaway car decorations

We we love it: Decorate the back of your wedding getaway car with greenery garland to dress it up. It’s a perfect way to make a stylish wedding exit with minimal effort.

greenery escort cards wedding

no. 6

Idea: Organic escort cards

Why we love it: Rather than opting for paper goods, make your wedding escort cards out of greenery. We have seen cacti escort cards that are perfect for a desert themed wedding, as well as tree leaf name cards. Using greenery escort cards is not only easy-to-access and fun to make, it’s also a great way to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Tuscan wedding theme

No. 7

Idea: Hanging installations

Why we love it: If you want an indoor wedding reception setup, but still want to be unique with your wedding design with the aesthetic of being under a romantic tree canopy, hanging greenery installations are a great way to add intimacy and grandeur to your wedding dinner. Opting for an outdoor dinner reception, but your venue doesn’t have surrounding trees to overhang and create that desired look? Discuss your vision with your wedding designer and florist to make the venue a space of your own through custom design.

Modern Wedding Reception Sign

no. 8

Idea: Separating spaces

Why we love it: With both indoor and outdoor weddings, sometimes a wide open space can be too much. If you’re working in a large space and want to separate it into different sections to make it seem more approachable and filled in, consider getting creative with separating walls. Use hanging greenery to create faux walls or fill in open windows or doorways around the venue.


Interested in seeing more wedding greenery we are in love with? Follow our Pinterest board for more ideas on how to implement greenery into your wedding design!